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Monday, August 26, 2019

Keep The Body Moving!

Manual Therapy Methods®
Functional Movement
Watch the 4 part video series to learn about the office and our approach that blends the chiropractic adjustment with manual therapy methods and corrective exercise.  Soft tissue accounts for most of the pain and discomfort that patients feel, but many health care providers don't treat soft tissue.  Our approach carefully blends soft tissue treatment with chiropractic to achieve the maximum patient result.

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton FL

Wellness Concepts is a chiropractic, manual therapy, and functional movement facility located in the Lakewood Ranch area of Bradenton, FL.  We have a unique approach to patient care that you won't find duplicated at any other office:

  • Personalized Treatment - After a thorough examination, one of our doctors will develop a treatment plan custom tailored to your health needs.  This may include chiropractic adjustment, massage, manual therapy, functional exercise, clinical nutrition and other therapies as appropriate for your case.

  • Blend of Treatments - Our founder, Dr. Gregory Kotlarczyk, has developed a proprietary technique called Manual Therapy Methods®.  We blend the chiropractic adjustment with hands-on soft tissue work, cold laser, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and other tools based on your personalized treatment plan.  Appropriate home exercise programs are tailored to individual demands and dysfunctions.

  • Time with a Doctor - Our standard patient visit is a 30 minute session with a doctor performing body work according to your needs.  We are not a "chiropractic factory."  Our goal is to provide the most beneficial and efficient treatment possible in every session.

Our mission is simple... to help you!

Your Health and Quality of Life is our main focus. Wellness Concepts brings you an entire program utilizing Manual Therapy Methods®, a clinically oriented massage technique developed by our own Dr. Kotlarczyk, along with chiropractic adjustments, functional exercise programs, and total body nutrition for the treatment and prevention of symptoms and disease. We work together with you to form a plan of care customized to your body and its individual needs.

EveryBODY is different, yet the same

At Wellness Concepts you will find our approach unique, based on the foundation of muscle balance and skeletal alignment. We use various therapies to aid in pain relief and correction of the problem. We start with the most gentle, passive, and effective techniques available. As you progress, we progress, treating you as you need to be treated. Unlike other holistic treatments, we recognize the value of traditional medical regimens and try to make recommendations based on the needs of the patient, leaving no possible avenue unexplored.

Changing the face of wellness...one body at a time

Why try Wellness Concepts? We believe "putting up" with aches and pains and taking pain relievers masks the underlying problem and simply hides the symptoms while leaving the root cause untouched. Just like driving on an unbalanced tire, you don't realize that you are out of alignment until you feel the car shake and the radials start to show uneven wear. You can't put tread back on tires; but fortunately, you can buy new ones. We don't have that luxury with our body. Until the day comes when we can afford to replace every muscle, joint, and organ, we need to take good care of the ones we have. Making sure all of the components are aligned and balanced as much as possible ensures optimal health and preserves the quality of life you deserve.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 941-756-5555. Schedule an a new patient exam to evaluate your symptoms, possibly have x-rays taken and reviewed with you, and to find out how we can help you. We try to provide the first treatment for patients during this initial visit, if time allows and depending on the complexity of the case.

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Wellness Concepts of Florida, LLC
9020 58th Drive East
Suite 102

Bradenton, FL 34202

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