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Functional nutrition is a huge part of maintaining your physical and mental health as well as helping to relieve pain and inflammation in your body. Many people are lacking the basics and don't even know it or just don't know where to begin! 

Q Sciences is a great place to start! Shop our store for anything from essential vitamins and minerals, gut health & inflammation, greens or collagen, vitamin sprays, CBD creams/balms and more!

Click on the shop button to order or to learn more about the company and why Dr. Kotlarczyk and Dr. Scott believe in Quintessential Science products.


You can also email our doctors directly with questions and/or for recommendations.

Dr. Gregory Kotlarczyk-

Dr. Jonathan Scott -


Q CORE offers complete system protection, efficient absorption, and precise nutrient delivery from head to toe. This four-product suite covers essential vitamins and minerals, gut health, and joint and inflammation support.

Q Ultra Greens 
Fill nutritional gaps, detoxify your body, and balance PH levels for better health and wellness. Boasting 20 superfoods, this nutrient-packed superstar will help boost energy, support digestion, and just flat out make you feel better.*


  • Detoxifying enzymes*

  • May assist in healthy muscle growth*

  • May improve digestion*

  • High in micronutrients*

  • Supports in alkalizing the body*

  • Supports skin health*

Vitamin Sprays 

Q D3 Spray - Sunshine delivered.

B12 Spray - Lightning delivered.

BOOST Spray - Metabolic happiness.

C+ Spray - Defense delivered.

RELIEF Spray - Better faster.

SLEEP Spray - Rest well.

Click on the shop link above for more information on each individual spray. 


Full spectrum hemp plus essential oils.

Q EXCEL Muscle Relief Cream

Your muscle and joint miracle cream.


*Check out full line of Hemp and CBD products*

Click on the shop button below to learn more about the wide variety of Quintessential Science products we have to offer or to begin ordering.  

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