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Sports Injury

Manual Therapy Methods®

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Manual Therapy Methods ® (MTM) is a proprietary technique developed by our founder Dr. Gregory Kotlarczyk.  He describes it as "a unique massage therapy oriented method of chiropractic."  It is a comprehensive global approach to chiropractic care blending multiple treatment modalities together. MTM combines chiropractic adjustment with soft tissue work, therapeutic tools (cold laser, ultrasound, t-bars, various muscle work tools) and maintenance care (corrective exercise, functional nutrition).  Dr. Kotlarczyk's philosophy is to "loosen the muscle, adjust the joint, and balance the body through exercise. "In traditional chiropractic treatment, the doctor is focused primarily on spinal alignment.  The chiropractor may adjust one particular bone so that the associated areas will follow a fixed range of motion.  The adjustment helps to restore function / kinematic movement of the section, allowing the input / output of the central nervous system to improve.  Manual Therapy Methods® takes this a step further by addressing the soft tissue component.  Most chronic pain is caused by tight or taut muscles.  This tightness is normally the result of trauma, injury, repetitive use, advanced age, poor posture, etc. The human body is a complex system of pulleys in symmetry.  Muscles attach to bones, ligaments and tendons.  Whenever a bone is out of alignment, muscles are forced to compensate.  This compensation can lead to improper muscle balance, with lengthened / weakened muscles and strengthened muscles.  Untreated imbalances can lead to changes in soft tissue, making it fibrous and stiff with poor blood flow. Think of it like an automobile.  If the axle is bent out of alignment, the vehicle will pull in the wrong direction, requiring compensation in steering.  Tires will wear unevenly and will have a shortened life.  Wheels may be pulling in multiple directions at the same time instead of working together.  The vehicle's overall stability is compromised, both in driving and braking.  If you allow the dysfunction to linger, you may need to fix multiple parts on the car in addition to the bent axle.

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