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"Dr. Kotlarczyk used a variety of techniques to alleviate my headache and neck pain, including upper cervical adjustments, which I had never tolerated well in the past. Dr. Kotlarczyk has a method of upper cervical adjustment which is painless and extremely effective! He also helped me to identify probable causes for this pain in terms of activities at work and home which contribute to the problem.
Dr. Kotlarczyk took the time to determine the probable cause(s) of my complaints and devised a treatment program which allows me to take some responsibility for my own health and fitness. He created a set of exercises specifically designed to strengthen problem areas of my neck and back. The goal is for me to become stronger and pain-free, and to take charge of this myself. Rather than handing me a fist full of prescriptions, he gave me the resources and support to manage my condition without drugs. 
Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a health care environment where your concerns are always taken seriously and where you leave each treatment session feeling better, stronger, and hopeful. Dr. Kotlarczyk is obviously a dedicated professional who will put in the time required to help his patients improve. 
Dr. Kotlarczyk's manner is genuinely compassionate, caring and professional. He has knowledge of a wide range of health issues and is very willing to give up his own time to research specific questions when asked for advice. He is confident (which inspires patient confidence) in his use of varied treatment techniques. He is extremely competent and his skill is evident in the success of his approach."

- Jennifer B.

"I would MOST DEFINITELY refer people to Dr. Kotlarczyk. I like his unique therapy combining massage and chiropractic. I like his positive attitude, his chiropractic knowledge and his enthusiasm for life and his work. He is also an attentive and effective listener. He cares!
Anyone treated by Dr. Kotlarczyk is blessed with his knowledge, his training, his empathy and his innate ability to heal."

- Patricia J.

"I can't tell you happy I am with my body! I quit running 15 years ago due to hip pain, thinking that I would never run again. I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Kotlarczyk, in fact, I really began seeing him because of a sore neck. 
After dealing with the neck, he turned his attention to my hip pain and within six weeks I was running five miles. I'm still amazed. My entire body has changed for the better: my posture has improved, my balance is much better (and I've been doing yoga for 20 years!), and I'm almost pain-free. 
Dr. K has an extremely warm and friendly "table-side" manner. I like his holistic type of approach to the chiropractic practice that treats the entire body, knowing that diet and mental well-being is just as important to our health as well-adjusted vertebrae. Being healthy is truly a lifestyle. 
I'd advise anybody with aches or pains that they are writing off as "getting old", to make an appointment with Dr. Kotlarczyk. You may be as surprised as I am!"

- Dawn P. 

"The sessions with Dr. K. have improved my range of motion and decreased the pain significantly. His neuromuscular focus sets him apart from all the medical doctors, physical therapists and other chiropractors that I have tried. Dr. K. is the best listener in town, stays with the plan, gets results and provides support for the duration of treatment. I highly recommend him as a person and a doctor; he has changed my life in many ways, all for the good!"

- Gretchen S.

"Thanks for keeping up with me! I appreciate the exercise routine. Just so you know because of you I am doing better, I still have pain but it is better since your treatment. I wish there was someone in Mo that knew your technique. You’re amazing!!!!! Thanks so much."

- Joan W.


"I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me. I never thought I'd be able to feel so much better in such a short period of time. I know there's still more work to do, but you should know I think you're one amazing Dr.!"

- Liz V.

"Thank for the amazing back treatment. How did you know my left side of neck hurt? Amazing. Best night of sleep all week."

- Lisa K.

"I am so happy to have found Dr. K! In approximately 8 weeks of treatment at Wellness Concepts, I am completely pain-free, which is something I have not experienced in over 7 years, since my first auto accident. He is caring, personable, and gifted at what he does. Highly, highly recommended."

- Synthia F.


"I am feeling so good that I can hardly believe it."

- Donna E. 

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